About Lily & Pips

Welcome to my kitchen, I'm so happy you are here. I once read a quote by Sir Winston Churchill, "Never give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about". For me that something was Lily & Pips. So, here I am, not giving up. My kids are grown and flown and I am here to focus and share my bakes with you, your family and friends, in the hopes that I can make your gluten free life a little less challenging, more fun, and much more delicious.

As a passionate cook and lover of good food, I found the diagnosis of gluten intolerance a real challenge. Food was, and still is, a huge part of my life. Making bread, pasta, and cookies with the kids, and eating good home cooked, unprocessed food was just plain difficult to begin with. Reaching for the staple items and then having to find a substitute, I found it was like having to learn to cook all over again. After diagnosis I was gifted numerous cook books that each called for flour mixes that consisted of ingredients I didn't have to hand, or that made so much it was stale and old the next time I needed it. That was nine years ago. 

Fast forward to today...  I've spent many years changing and perfecting recipes so they are indistinguishable from their gluten containing counterpart. I've taste tested recipes with family, friends, and neighbors and I'm happy to say that most can't tell the difference and some even prefer the gluten free recipe!

I truly am a passionate cook and nothing gives me greater joy than to see a recipe I've created being enjoyed by my family or by a fellow gluten free person. The look on a gluten free customers face when they realize they can eat absolutely everything on my menu just fills me with joy.

My goal is to produce great tasting gluten free products that have you questioning if they really are gluten free! My ready to eat bakes have only the best ingredients you would expect to find in cookies, cakes, and bread that are home made, and best of all they taste great!

Thanks so much for stopping by. If you have any questions don't be shy, drop me an email at lilyandpips@gmail.com