Mince Pies - Bakewell Style
Mince Pies - Bakewell Style
Mince Pies - Bakewell Style

Mince Pies - Bakewell Style

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What do you get if you take the best parts of a Bakewell Tart, and a Mince Pie? A Fezziwigs Favourite!

The jolly and generous Mr. Fezziwig would probably have gifted these to his young apprentice Ebenezer Scrooge at Christmas time if he had known about them.

A lovely buttery pastry tart shell has just the right amount of brandied mincemeat to compliment the frangipane on top, (just like a Bakewell Tart), it's then finished with a some sliced almonds and dusting of icing sugar. 

Eat them fresh or freeze them for later. 

Choose a box of 4 or 6 deep dish pies in a festive box. 

Pies are individually wrapped and can be frozen. 

If you wish to specify a date for shipping please leave a note in the box at checkout.

After the pies arrive please consume or freeze within 5 days, or by use by date.

If you are sending these as a gift please ensure the recipient knows they are receiving a perishable product as we do not accept returns.

Every care is taken for your pies to arrive  as shown, however, I cannot offer any guarantee the decoration will be as shown upon arrival, for this reason they are non-refundable.

 Box of 6 option shows an assorted box in the photograph, but you will receive a box of 6 Mr. Fezziwigs Favourites.